Managed Content Service

TopBrass managed content as a service is a service-oriented model, wherein we deliver the content on demand for our clients for their use on various channels. The content is either hosted at topBrass or on clients website. Client could also use these content to improve SEO score or elevate social media branding content can be demanded by the client as and when required.

Appropriate use cases for Managed Content

Multi-channel publishing. Your content on topBrass or your own CMS is highly rewarding when content needs to be reused across different platforms: say, you want to push the same content to a website or to various social media platforms.

Integrating with existing services. There are contexts in which a topBrass content could help simplify workflows in an existing branding collateral. topBrass would help you maintain version control around your content while running various types of marketing campaigns.

Single version of your content. When content old or new while getting and coming from multiple sources, we ensure that your content is properly indexed and uploaded into one unified repository.