BridgeLabz say Skills on the rise in the IT industry in 2019

The study further revealed that only 20 percent engineers are employable to IT services, 4 percent to IT products, 45 percent to BPO industry, 15 percent to KPO industry, 20 percent to software tech and 45 percent to hardware networking etc. So, the majority of these engineers end up taking non-IT jobs. Yet, it makes sense that most graduating engineers would want jobs in software engineering or core engineering. Therefore there is a need for this employability trend to be reversed, as an additional 2-4 lakh engineers need to be made employable.


Nayarayan Mahadevan

CEO – BridgeLabz














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Author: Kant Chandra

Chandra Kant also known as 'CK' is highly experienced in Global Sales and Marketing. He has 25 years of rich front line sales experience spread across Americas, EMEA, and APAC geographies. He started his career with Siemens AG Ltd, worked at Infosys as a front line sales officer for North India region, worked for VeriSign, Symphony/IBM, Datamatics, and CSC; leading sales teams in Global regions resulting in multimillion revenue engagements, and most recently with ZenQ as SVP-Global Sales & Marketing. CK has won many accolades in his career, however, the most notable being the President’s Club Award at VeriSign. This award propelled him into the elite group of 50 leaders directly working with the CEO of VeriSign. CK is alumnus of the Indian Institute of Export Management and also has strong domain knowledge in the Banking and Telecom sectors.

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